The results of the 1st Carmel Klavier Europe competition announced

My dear friends,

I wish to thank everybody for taking part in the 1st Carmel Klavier Europe International Piano Competition. 

It was planned to take place in London but due to the unprecedented circumstances beyond our control, the event was moved online after the completion of the video audition. 

Irina Gorin, adjudicators Dina Parakhina, Jena Pang and I wish to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all pianists for taking part and congratulate those of you who received the awards.

Jena Pang:
“It was a great pleasure to listen to all the participants’ videos, to see the talent, hard work, dedication and artistry that was apparent from their playing. I hope that they all learned by each other, were inspired from each other from this experience and continue forward with their playing and music-making.”

Dina Parakhina:
“It was an honour and an enormous pleasure for me to adjudicate Carmel Klavier Europe International Piano Competition 2020 together with my wonderful colleague Jena Pang. I would like to thank all the participants and their families for making a brave decision in taking part in the online event and making the recording of your performances in a short space of time. I want to congratulate all participants; those who won the prizes and those who didn’t and add that all performances were truly inspirational. Thank you for showing your professionalism and loyalty to music! 

I wish everyone to stay safe, healthy, and happy during these challenging times and to continue to work on improving, progressing, aiming high, loving music and sharing that love and dedication with audiences. Looking forward to listening to these young pianists in live concerts and competitions again soon!” 
Yours, Dina Parakhina     


1. The adjudicators’ notes along with the certificates will be emailed to all of you as a PDF initially starting from Monday.

2. The real certificates, trophies and Carmel Klavier Europe badges will be sent to you in due course which might be a while.

But please do not worry! All will posted out to you as soon as the life around us will get back to normality.

Please keep safe and healthy,

With warmest wishes, 

Elena Cobb
Artistic Director
Carmel Klavier Europe

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