Thank you so much for your support for Samuel and other participants, you did an outstanding job! Out of five events where Daniel was planning to perform this Spring, Carmel Klavier Europe competition was the only one that didn’t cancel and we were extremely happy about that.
Daniel Sabbah, teacher, Norway

Thank you for the Certifications and Adjudicator’s comments. We value them. Sterling’s comments are very true and reflected his playing in the competition. Thank you again Elena.
For sure that we will see you next year.
Hugo Tran, parent, USA

Dear Elena Cobb,
Thank you very much for all! To have this competition in this difficult situation was very important for us! We are very happy for the result! Thank you for your job and thank you to the jury! 
Many greetings, Francesca Vidal, teacher, Italy  

Dear Elena, 
Fantastic! Thank you so much for everything!
You are fantastic organiser!!!
Ruslana Berndt, parent, Austria

Definitely a memorable experience!
Appreciate your efforts orchestrating it in spite of all the chaos around the world.
Sarah Taojing, parent, UK 

Dear Mrs. Cobb,
Many thanks for your efforts! You and your team made it possible in spite of this difficult situation. You did a great job!
Stay healthy and best regards from
Mathilda Christen & family, Germany

Dear Ms. Cobb, 
Congratulations on the very first Carmel Klavier Europe, despite the very challenging circumstance.  We applaud and appreciate your hard work. 
Michelle Truong, parent, USA 

… Your taking care of all aspects of this Competition is highly appreciated. Judging by the timing of your last two e-mails, it does not look like you sleep at all…
Vladislav Rosenkov, parent, Australia

Elena Cobb is always doing a great job for young musicians. Thank you for making this world better, even if it will be online, it’s a fair fight against the adversity.
Music must continue!!!
Laor Benyacov, audience (online), USA

Elena, thank you for this wonderful opportunity for my pupils to appreciate who and how they need to practice. They are very proud of their achievements and looking forward to playing more challenging repertoire!
Anastasia Zemtsova, teacher, UK