Special prize from Boosey & Hawkes for best performance of Christopher Norton piano piece

Boosey & Hawkes will provide a special prize for the best performance of the Christopher Norton piano piece played at the Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition Contemporary Composer category. Read more >

To order Christopher Norton’s piano pieces please visit EVC Music website. 

Beginner to intermediate level
Microjazz 1 > 
Microjazz 2 > 
Microjazz 3 > 

Intermediate to advanced level
Latin Preludes >

Christopher Norton is well established as a composer, producer, arranger and educationalist and has written stage musicals, ballet scores, piano music, popular songs and orchestral music as well as jingles and signature tunes for TV and radio.

He lectures all over the world on aspects of his work and likes to integrate traditional teaching methods with aspects of modern technology. He has also found time to produce huge numbers of albums for the gospel market, with releases worldwide selling in excess of 1,000,000 units.

His most popular collection Microjazz was followed by many other award-winning publications for Boosey & Hawkes. His bestselling titles include the Essential Guides to Pop, Latin and Jazz Styles; the Rock, Country, Latin and Jazz Piano Preludes; the Big Beats play-along series (called “Microjazz for the next generation” by Piano Magazine); and the Christopher Norton Concert Collections of original repertoire for solo piano.

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